Montaje del marco

When building a bamboo frame you should work carefully and accurately. So that in the end an ideal bike with good driving characteristics comes out.
To connect the aluminum parts to the respective bamboo tubes, you need a frame gauge.
This can be built from wood or metal (best aluminum square profiles) according to the requirements or existing possibilities.
The important 'fixed points' of the desired frame geometry must be adjustable on this frame gauge.
Starting from these 'fixed points', the bamboo tubes are cut off and attached as closely as possible to the corresponding aluminum parts.
The thus loosely joined frame is then fixed with a special adhesive so that it already has its final geometry in this step.
Therefore you should work very precisely when cutting and aligning the bamboo pipes and aluminum parts.
The further steps are then the multiple jacketing and bonding of the four aluminum parts with the natural fabric material and the epoxy resin.

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